“She makes him feel important & talented.”

It takes a very special type of human to teach little ones. Mrs Aragon is one of those humans. She has taught my 5 yo boy some amazing piano skills through her gentle yet firm practices. She is so patient and loving towards my son. He looks forward to his piano lessons every week because she makes him feel important and talented. 

I enrolled him in piano lessons because research shows that learning to play the piano as a young child is very important for brain development, but honestly, for my kid, piano lessons have been great for his confidence and discipline development, and it's all because of the amazing Mrs. Aragon!

— M.M AMS Parent

“I definitely would recommend her to others.”

Aragon Music studios has been great for my two kids!  One child takes voice lessons and the other piano.  Mrs. Aragon is patient, kind and loving with my kids but also keeps them on task & learning.  I definitely would recommend her to others.

— B.H. AMS Parent

Piano lessons with Ms. Aragon has been wonderful for my two kids, ages 8 & 10.  Both kids enjoy their time with Ms. Aragon and feel like their lessons go by fast.  I was amazed at their progression in piano after 1 year of lessons with Ms. Aragon.  I look forward to seeing how far they get this year.  I definitely recommend Ms. Aragon to others.

— L.S. AMS Parent


“She brings out the best in each student."

My sons have taken piano lessons with Mrs. Aragon for 5 years, from 2nd grade to presently 7th grade and we could not be happier!  She brings out the best in each students and is so positive, patient and kind.  As they have gotten older, she has adjusted their lessons with their growth and needs.  Music is a great balance for all their academics and sports.  Most of all, I love hearing my boys play, thank you Mrs. Aragon!" 

— M.S. AMS Parent

“I can't say enough about Mrs. Aragon and AMS!”

— AMS Parent


Mrs. Aragon cares deeply about each child and knows just how to inspire them in such a way that they can't wait to practice. I am amazed at how she is able to connect with each child and communicate in just the right way to bring out the best in each of them!

— K.E. AMS Parent

“Wahoo!  My student has passed three books in just 1.5 years.  He is excited to practice and has offered to play at our holiday dinners.  Thank you, AMS, for bringing out the best in my child."

— J.M. AMS Parent


Loved by the community in San Carlos, CA


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